Taken at the King William Fair in San Antonio, Tx in around 1995.  Traditional film and processing of high speed film, shot on the street with no special lighting.  I love this shot in the series on the fair and the colorful events.  Stay tuned!

My story:

Each little star is nurtured and protected on the vine-like colored coils of light.  As they mature, and grow a ribbon slowly descend and guide each individual star as its launched into space, the ribbon snaps back, the ribbon curls…., slowly  over time the ribbons unfurl, their tension is dissipated…, they flutter in the space breeze looking for their own individual star somewhere out there shooting across the sky.

North Country


Still north of Toronto, she had never posed before for this kind of photography.  She had a natural way of moving and thinking.  Shortly after I ran head on with a pile of problems, most of my own making, we never got the chance to work together again.  Huge loss.

Arroyo ll


More from the Arroyo series, the idea was to shoot my Watermelon Girl piece.  But I had the girl, a beautiful day, and there was some nakedness happening.  This girl was 19 at the time, and having a real hard time figuring life.  Now as then, she is a sweet woman, and life seems to be settling down now.  Anyway, high speed film, and cross-processed…, I love how the background turned out, and of course the model.

Wall of Windows


The eyes are truly the widows to the soul, met this young woman at an event I was attending. She was talking with the owner of the modeling agency I was considering working with, she made a bee-line over to me and introduced herself. She was a fresh faced kid from Iowa, wanted to try her hand at modeling. Tall…, oh my she had the height thing down pat, most of that being long lovely leg.

Her drive won me over, took her under my wing, and over time we became friends.  Gave her the standard talk about releases and how important they are.  Adding that the work I did was prone to misunderstanding, if she ever had a question to just ask. Gave her a few reasons to ask too, I took her to a show to put our work in context. As with all my models, I welcomed her active participation, and  I’ve always let her know where her images are posted.

We’ve been friends ever since, and she is threatening to again pose for me after all this time.

Life is sweet.



Took this lady down into an arroyo hence the dive suit.  A warm Texas day so the suit stuck to her, she needed my help in getting out of it.  Even though she was used to posing nude, it was a good way to break the ice and get comfortable.  Cross processed the film and the background was more than a pleasant surprise.