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B&W Image taken at Onion Creek property.
B&W Image taken at Onion Creek property.

B&W Image of a girl in a white shirt by the family plot. Two (2) gelatin silver process made by hand with pre-stroke signature. 4 1/4″ x 6 5/8″ matte 101/4″ x 15″ shrink wrapped.

This girl was a difficult sell from the first, then she decided to pose. We had a couple of good shoots then I gave some fatherly advice, I have a father you know, then it went downhill from there. Still hasn’t forgiven me yet. But still I got some good shots of her. M

When Things Go Amiss

When it comes to photography my  models are friends I look out for, especially the young ones.  I try to treat them right,  try to make sure that any images we do don’t come back to haunt them years later.  I try my best not to be paternalistic, but remembering too these are young women who haven’t fully formed yet.   A not so surprising number of models have flirted with pornography for quick, easy cash and most say they are getting paid to do something that their already doing anyway.  Typical thinking for us all as we age to realize just what the impact maybe down the not too distant road.  Some of these young models have portfolios that are filled with some trashy stuff or shots of there pubes for no other reason than they were getting something to drink maybe cash   So I feel a certain responsibility is part of my job and part of my concern as being a fully formed adult long as I don’t get too out of line. Don’t get me wrong, I looked at porn all those shots of pubes and what not,  feels like all of my life and I am not a prude, but now knowing something about the girls involved in the business of porn I feel a little different.  Even the pro’s can suffer at the hands and lens of an unscrupulous person who gets well paid for a lot longer than the girls do.  And it’s the girls who suffer for a longer time because they trusted someone.

So far I’ve had only one dissenting  model out of a number of young women I’ve worked with over the years. This model got really upset with me  pointing out that she had a dad already and to this day hasn’t forgiven me.  I’d hate to see what she really would say if I were to cross her or if she started in on one of my many faults.  I can live with this and still send her an email letting her know where her image is being posted now.  I really feel that is the right thing to do, no name or contact information ever for all my models.  I know I’d hate to be judged by some lark I did when I was in my teens or early twenty’s.  Or letting an older nice guy take some creative license with me as he hadn’t been inappropriate in any way.

My models have responsible jobs now or are mothers, any number of things are beyond our control now, I feel we as mature photographers we have a duty to these models of ours to do the right thing by them.  I will admit that I forget and sometimes post to my pages without thinking first that someone may see the images before the model does.  What for me is a fine example of my creativity and artistry my not look the same to her boss or dad or husband.  Just because I have a release for her image doesn’t mean I can post it anywhere I feel like.  Too cautious, I don’t think so…, after all these girls who trust me with their image aren’t the same women today who have different lives than they’ve ever imagined.  Even with the pro’s who I’ve worked with I like to give them a word on where the images are so they can check.  So far I’ve had no problems or been asked to take down a image.  Even that model who ignores my emails is secretly relieved that I haven’t exposed her to the net’s insatiable eye for nude female figures and names.

So remember when working with a young woman/man that they may agree to try to work with you to create your vision, but you owe them something in return.  This world we live in now can be a very unforgiving place for anyone who trusts.

Trust in Photography

Black Panties Michael Vasquez Photo

From a young age I realized that I was attracted not to necessarily the pretties girls, but the cooler ones who never fit a mold.  I wanted to try and capture an image of them at this moment in time and to generate interest in who they were at this moment of their lives.  Of course once they said yes I had to talk and listen to them so they’d relax, share with me part of their lives.  Very hard to do as an eighteen year old male with raging hormones, but once I mastered this trick the knowledge I received was priceless.

That is the bases for my photography, my art if you will.  I want you to know my girls, what it is that makes them tick, to carve out a space for them to be them.  To invite you into their lives and minds at this particular time and place.  The fact that they are unclothed should matter as a afterthought and not the primary emotion. A final word on the term “my girls”, its not meant in a paternal fashion nor does it imply any sort of ownership.  These young women trust me to do right by them and I am very protective of their rights.

So we invite you to view these images and to make polite comments on the images you see.  Thank you.