Life Skills

Over the years I’ve collected a few bad habits and some good. Among my talents are photography, poetry, writing prose and a love of cooking. I communicate my ideas and my vision of things not everyone can see…, be it their vision or their minds. So too when it comes to sex, no man can be active all the time no matter the provocation. And even that recharge period gives us time to communicate with our partners and to study them in the nude. To find some hint that we have please them by what we have done with them and to see if they’d be open to explore. While engaged in the actual act we use a different sense to communicate, I like to think its like braille, a very tactile way of communicating.img002 CN_edited

So in my photography I study my subject in the nude in those intervening times of recharge. I get some hint if my work so far has please them and if I will be allowed to explore a little deeper beyond their limits. Those bright red line that we all have that mark our personal boundary…, this far and no further unless I trust you and your vision of me. In that way I feel like a good session is like good sex and many of my models have said that our session had all the benefits and none of the complications of an affair. I can’t tell you how much that pleases me and makes the time and effort worth the work.

I find my models in my everyday life and by perusing model sites to find good candidates. Then I begin the dance to see how we might mesh and if our ideas are compatible. While I never push some-one into posing nude, I let my portfolio speak for itself and just take it for a given that we will do nudes. Having found a model on-line I’ve had a chance to study their work and to get a feel for what they are after. I also can see if I can offer to add to their body of work or trade for a CD.

Many people I’ve met find their models in the dancers in clubs and while I don’t disapprove dancers usually have a harder look than I’m going after. I’ve gotten calls from guy trying to use my models and asking how I get them to pose for me. My secret is the work I have to show, the way I approach them and treat them. Everybody likes to be treated fairly and to see quality work. When I talk to someone I treat them with respect and communicate my request clearly and unambiguously. Its a lot like asking someone out on a date or to lunch or maybe dinner. But first you have to invest that time to get to know someone.

This young lady I met at a teaching hospital I was work in and we became friends.  After a while I showed her my book, I was just learning then.  So I asked her to pose she said yes and we spent a few hours together.  .Just two friends and a camera and we played.