The Talented Rey Female

Michael Vasquez Art, Nude Model, Black Haired Model, Figuative, Elegant Nude Mode

I found the lovely Rey Female on Instagram, her images were of a high quality, good pose, very introspective. I had to work with this lady! As she had book work with another photographer, she suggested we shoot that day after. I was sold on that, I got everything I wanted then some as she was just amazing. Her poses were spot on, the way she moved, the way she carried herself, and not last the way she held her hands.

She brought her A+ game! As we started I fell instantly in love with the way she moved. Still photographs, but still a model needs a flow to her. I made minor correction for the feel of our images, but not many. I shoot with film, the hardest part is to get model’s to hold a pose while I change film backs. I told her as I changed film, that we were going to finish early because she had done so well.

I just can’t recommend her higher, she was an absolute dream to work with. I am pleased to say I am busy with ideas already for out next shoot. I look forward to working on the film I have already shot. Thank you Rey Female.

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