Welcome to a retro look at my art, you are invited to stop, look around and explore. I use traditional film, where possible available light. I come from a photo-journalist background so my work is only retouched the way I would process in the darkroom; darken here, hold back the light there, spot the prints. With real film, what is on the negative is what you get, so NO special effects are being used in the manipulation of my negatives or prints. In the end my art is really just a matter of time and light.

My interest in the female form began early, I loved the shapes, curves and crevices. I saw the light falling just so, the shadows and the different shade of dark. My art was of greater important to me, and the time spent learning my craft, and developing my skill was far more valuable. This Eye, this new way of perceiving the light, the sensuous way that it clings to the body, giving it shape, dept, mystery. It changed the way I perceived the human form as a patten of light, darkness, creating a whole that is more than the sum of its parts.

For the better part of my life I have worked in the commercial end of the business. My home base was San Antonio, but much of that time was spent traveling, and a time in New York City. The City became my graduate school, each professionals I worked with became my instructors. I was able to learn from some of the very best in the business how to craft the light, as well as the dark. But that time in New York changed me in many ways, not all of which were positive ways to live a life. In late 2005 I had a major stroke that left my right side completely paralyzed. I have spent the last ten (10) years working hard at recovery. Only now am I whole enough to take up not the life I once knew, but a life lived as much as in the presence as I can.

I work with the same set of personal ethics I had as a younger man, but now I have the maturity to have really refined my thinking about the way I work, the way I see light and dark. It is my passion to show what I have found beautiful in each body I encounter. All those lovely shapes, curves, pools of lightness and darkness each speak to me, each vie for attention when they can be found. It can be rather unnerving to my models to feel under such intense scrutiny that they become part of. That too is my art, that my models trust me, and are always relaxed and comfortable as possible while I search for those images that makeup the beauty of the human female form.

I have been shooting intimate photographs of women for what feels like all my life. I am very motivated by the sensuality of the body and mind. I truly value each of the models I’ve had the good fortune to share a collaboration to produce the work that you see. These young women trust me to treat them right, and I am very protective of their rights. Each model does not sign a release until they see the film. Each receives a percentage of the sale price for each and every piece of art sold of our work. Privacy is respected, anonymity or the use of a stage name is entirely at the model’s discretion.

Good models work hard, sometimes under trying situations , unclothed…, and make it look effortless while posing. It’s an investment of time to find that indescribable chemistry that may coax the magic to strike. One can never tell, sometimes the most promising of model’s: no spark. The fact that they are unclothed should matter as an afterthought and not the primary focus. A very fragile and very special bond is formed when a man and a woman work together in so intimate a manner, and that trust should never be violated.

So once again welcome, get to know my girls. Wonder at what makes them tick, what were they possibly thinking? Carve out a space for them to be them, we invite you into their lives and minds at this particular moment in time.