In late November of 2005 I had a massive stroke.  The blockage kind (ischemic) which wiped out the left side of my brain.  The left side of your brain is responsible for language, logical and mathematical thinking.  The left side of the brain controls the right side of your body as well.  Depending on where the blockage is, other parts of your thinking can be affected.  Let me simplify stroke for you, it’s a land-side that happens in and to your brain.  Parts of your brain that make up the whole you are blocked. Instead of a steep climb to your wholeness, all those well worn paths you knew like the back of your hand are no longer available to you.  To get anywhere near to where you were, all that made you unique, requires new paths to be built and imprinted on what is left of your brain.

I had to learn all over again, things so simple like cleaning myself after the bathroom, how did I walk…, what muscles did I use, and in what order.  How did I balance while trying to figure all that out?  Of all the skills I lost, none were more missed that my use of language.  When the lovely nurse said to me what is my name, do you remember?  I could not even remember meeting her in the first place. 

Long long story compressed, it took me twelve (12) years to get to the point where older age has now gotten me.  After a fashion, I have recovered.  I learned to retype, some language skills, and the photography I loved.  I no longer work as an event guy, my convention days are long over.  But I still work with my models photographing classy erotic nude shoots when I can.

On a very limited budget I shoot when I can find the models willing to do time in exchange for images. All of my models receive a percentage of the sale’s price for each work we do.  I hold myself to high ethical standards, and I always ask for permission after they have seen the piece. 

Please donate to a worthy project, your generous donation funds my work and just my work.  I receive a small stipend for my time processing and dealing with the shooting, processing, and sales.  I would dearly love to hire more models, hire professionals to work with.  Please help me in these endeavors, your help is dearly needed and appreciated.     

Now this is where your support would be so helpful, I have a line of erotic mugs as well as the prints. Each made in the USA mug is $35.  However I have a donation and rewards program:

  • Donation of $50 is rewarded with a mug of your choice, and 10 % off your next purchase.
  • Donate $80 you get the mug, and an 8 x 10 Pear Finished print ($12.50 additional Fine Art Paper). 
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  • Larger size Fine Art Paper print are available, please ask.