From a young age I realized that I was attracted not to necessarily the prettiest girls, but the cooler ones who never fit a mold.  I wanted to capture an image of them at this moment in time and to generate interest in who they were.  Of course, once they said yes I had to talk and listen to them so they’d relax, share with me part of their lives. Very hard to do as an eighteen year old male with raging hormones, but once I mastered this trick the knowledge I received was priceless.

This is the bases for my photography…, my art if you will.  I want you to know my girls, what it is that makes them tick, to carve out a space for them to be them.  I invite you into their lives and minds at this particular time and place.  The fact that they are unclothed should matter as an afterthought and not the primary focus. A final word on the term “my girls”, its not meant in a paternal fashion nor does it imply ownership any sort.  These young women, decided to work with me, and trust me to do right by them and I am very protective of their rights.

That said I work with traditional film and where possible available light.  I am very motivated by the sensuality of the body and mind.  I have been shooting intimate photographs for what feels like all my life.  Artist, writer, activist I am more fulfilled now than I’ve ever been using the sensuous aspects of my life and my art to be creative.

So you are invited to view these images and to make polite comments.

Thank you