This young woman was one of those “kid’s” who was at risk, she was loosing in the fight for a better life.  Just eighteen (18) and a chip on her shoulder.  To say that she was combative is to leave out details.  She sat there smoking up a blue storm, all the questions I should not ask about, Questions?, she asked.  Yes I said, do you ever get nekked?  To which she dropped the robe she had on, preening she gave me the full treatment.  Just feast your eye on this!  Lets put you in a dress I said, just to see the reaction.  She burst out laughing and we were friends. Then I could reach her where she lived,  into that personal space she closely guarded.

That I feel is part of my art that I value the most: to know how best to reach someone.  How to earn their trust so I can explore them, cast them in a positive light, and not to exploit them.., ever.